Dragan Nikolić for eKapija: Groupage transport – an important factor in Transfera’s business success in Europe

Posted by: Stefan Sarac
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Today, Transfera is one of the largest and most important logistics companies in the Serbian and regional markets.

In an interview with eKapija, Dragan Nikolić, manager of groupage road transport for Europe, says that he is proud of the results achieved in the previous period, and points out the potential for the company’s future development.

Where is Transfera today and how has the company adapted to the current situation on a global scale?

– In the midst of the global economic and geopolitical crisis, the Transfera company succeeded in its big business venture which is the opening of the most modern logistics center, in Novi Banovci. With approximately 100 million EUR in revenue in 2022, 400 current employees, 20 offices throughout Serbia, and a developed logistics network in Europe, we’ve become one of the largest logistics companies in the Balkans.

We confirmed our strength in the business market by opening the first official Transfera representative office in China (Shanghai) this year, which gives us a new business dimension and a strong position for further business development on a global level.

In addition to opening offices abroad, we continued developing and improving our railway transport capabilities. After enabling the regular container train on the Belgrade-Rijeka-Belgrade route, at the beginning of August, we started organizing the regular container train on the Belgrade-Bar-Belgrade route. The transform is done by two sets of trains and represents a significant increase in capacity while keeping in line with environmental standards.

As someone who is responsible for the development of groupage road transport in the country, can you tell us a little more about this form of transport and your logistics network?

– The term network in road transport represents a unit of measurement of the quality of collective transport of a logistics company. The structure and strength of our collective network give us the ability to flexibly and promptly respond to specific client requests and frequent changes in the market in a variety of ways.

We are proud of the fact that our network covers the entirety of Europe, with more than 30 collection trucks coming to our logistics center in Novi Banovci each week, from where we do further distribution throughout Serbia and the rest of the region. We use the same model when it comes to collective exports, where we have huge potential.

Our groupage transport vehicles depart from HUBs all over Europe every day, and if we are talking about regional figures, they are getting significantly increasing on a yearly basis (even on a weekly basis, for example, we have 12 departures from Germany and Western Europe, 8 departures from Italy and Spain, 3-4 departures from Central Europe and the Baltics and 3 departures from Turkey).

Transfera’s logistics center in Novi Banovci was officially opened this year. Can you tell us more about it and how it will affect the development of groupage transport and your network in Europe?

– Transfera’s logistics center (TLC1) in Novi Banovci is actually just the first part of a larger-scale project – Transfera’s logistics park. TLC1 spreads over 53,000 m2 with 27,000 m2 of storage space (customs and commercial warehouse), it’s one of the largest in Serbia. The coverage of the logistics center with the most modern software solutions, as well as a strong distribution network, gives us the ability to successfully continue the movement of bulk shipments to their final destinations.

Since September of this year, the presence of customs authorities within the TLC Novi Banovci has brought a significant optimization of the process of accommodation and customs clearance of shipments which is a major benefit for our clients. This way of conducting work, will reduce the average time of customs clearance of shipments compared to the standards on the Serbian market, and therefore the transit time of delivery to our clients.

What are Transfera’s plans in the field of groupage transport for the upcoming 2023?

First of all, we expect further business growth in general, and thus even more impressive figures in the field of groupage transport, both with imports and exports.

What may also be interesting to your readers is that we are starting 2023 with promo prices for groupage transport exports to a variety of European countries.

For all groupage transport needs and inquiries, the email address is zbirni.transport@transfera.com.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to greet your readers and wish them prosperity and happiness in the upcoming 2023, with the hopes we will get to cooperate together and build a successful business future.

Taken from the eKapija portal.