Road Transport

Groupage transport

Transfera is able to offer its clients adjustable solutions in groupage transport services across Europe.With routes that cover a large teritory of Europe we can offer transportation of small shipments (LTL – Less than Truck Load) with lowcosts, ensuring total control over the shipment status. We organize the groupage with the most competitive transit time and the best prices.

Groupage lines to Serbia
Croatia – Belgrade 5 x weekly
Slovenia– Belgrade 3 x weekly
Italy – Belgrade 3 x weekly
Spain – Belgrade 2 x weekly
Germany – Belgrade 2 x weekly
Benelux – Belgrade 2 x weekly
Czech Rep. – Belgrade 2 x weekly
Poland– Belgrade 2 x weekly
Latvia – Belgrade 2 x weekly
Great Britain – Belgrade 3 x weekly

Groupage lines from Serbia
Belgrade – Croatia 2 x weekly
Belgrade – Slovenia2 x weekly
Belgrade – Italy 1 x weekly
Belgrade – Spain 1 x weekly
Belgrade – Germany 1 x weekly
Belgrade – Benelux 1 x weekly
Belgrade – Czech Rep. 1 x weekly
Belgrade – Poland 1 x weekly
Belgrade – Latvia 1 x weekly
Belgrade – Great Britain 1 x weekly

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