Your reliable partner for warehousing

By providing professional services to our clients and using a modern WMS system and accompanying applications, we have provided multiple benefits to our clients in the form of reduced business costs, the ability to focus on basic business processes, greater market presence, and increased profits.

Regardless of your activity, we can provide you with an optimal logistics solution in the field of customs and commercial goods warehousing, picking, packing, repacking, declaring and other additional services. We have a customs and commercial warehouse, which is adapted for warehousing of all types of goods. Taking into account modern trends in the industry, we strive to follow all e-logistics concepts and organize the delivery, preparation and packaging of all types of e-commerce goods.

We offer an integrated E2E logistics service through our business system, so you can have a quick and easy insight into the entire process.

Basic information about Transfera’s warehouses:

Novi Banovci (Transfera logistics center) – 27.000m2

External warehouses – 13.000m2

Warehouse services:

Skladištenje robe

Customs warehouse

Includes unloading, storage charge, loading, sampling, inspection requirements..

Komercijalno skladistenje

Commercial warehouse

An ambient type warehouse where commissioning, stretching and packing is done


Warehousing of animal origin food

Warehousing of all types of animal origin food without a temperature regime


VAS services

They include packing, declaring, sorting, repacking, measuring logistics data..


Rental of warehouse space

Leasing of warehouse space at the client’s request



Counseling on the selection of warehouse equipment and space, as well as assistance with procurement

We have many years of warehouse experience in working with assortments of goods:

  • Technical goods – which include white goods, TV, computers, air conditioners, printers, cameras and alarm monitoring;
  • Automotive industry – it consists of cars, trailers, forklifts, spare parts, tires, construction machinery…
  • Furniture and equipment – office furniture, decorations, shop equipment;
  • Textiles – everything for the home, clothes, shoes, toys…
  • Consumer products – products for personal hygiene, household maintenance;
  • Products of animal origin in ambient space – canned products;

Regardless of your activity, Transfera can provide you with an optimal logistics solution and enable easy management of goods while optimizing your costs.

Do you need a warehousing service? Send us a request for an offer and someone from the Transfera team will contact you shortly.