Transfera participates in the reconstruction of the ship lock of the hydropower plant “Đerdap 2”

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Transfera učestvuje u rekonstrukciji brodske prevodnice hidroelektrane Đerdap 2

The company Transfera has teamed up with the German company DSD Noell GmbH which will lead the reconstruction of the ship lock on the hydropower plant “Đerdap 2” built on the Danube River, and it has become its exclusive logistics partner in this infrastructure project. This partnership combines Transfera’s strong logistics support and DSD Noell’s integrated solutions and expertise in the field of hydromechanical equipment, and cooperation has been made official through the import of first shipments and the oversized cargo for the reconstruction.

Reconstruction of the ship lock on the hydropower plant “Đerdap 2”will bring many benefits, such as increasing the ship lock capacity and reducing the number and duration of unpredictable downtime and interruption of navigation, which will contribute to significant savings of time and directly affect the further development of water transport in Serbia and the region.