Air Freight


Your reliable partner for air freight

Air freight is constantly changing, requiring the agent to constantly look for new solutions in order to provide the client with accurate, quality and optimal service.

Transfera provides reliable and accurate services for all types of air shipments, in import and export using a developed global partner network.

Experienced teams of professionals will find the most optimal service for each shipment, taking into account customer requirements and the nature of the goods being transported. By using modern monitoring services, our clients have the ability to track shipments, so they know where it is in the transport at all times.

We organize different levels of air freight services

Economy Servis

Premium Servis

Priority / Time Critical Servis

Specials servises in air freight

On board courier

Charter cargo flight

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Additional air freight services we provide

We provide additional transport insurance, issuance of all types of transport documents as well as additional services for all types of shipments.

The additional services we provide ensure that shipments will not remain at the point of origin and destination for longer than necessary, thus ensuring the fastest transit time and lowest possible costs.

Services such as customs formalities, obtaining necessary permits, inspection of shipments, packaging and labeling of shipments are an integral part of our transport and consulting services that we provide to clients in the process of preparing shipments for transport.

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