Customs Clearance


Your reliable partner for customs clearance

Transfera represents one of the largest customs representatives in Serbia, with over 800 documents that we submit to the Customs Administration on a daily basis.

Our customs clearance sector includes 125 people, 57 of whom are licensed customs representatives, distributed in 20 Transfera’s offices on the territory of Serbia.

Some of the services we provide, in addition to submitting customs documents, include:

  • Consultation and implementation of simplified import and export customs procedures;
  • In-house training of your employees to take the exam on knowledge of the origin of goods and support in acquiring the status of authorized exporter of goods;
  • Consultations on the implementation of foreign trade agreements with the EU, CEFTA, EFTA, Turkey and the Customs Union;
  • Consultation on the preferential origin of goods – analysis of the finished product, production process in terms of fulfillment of the conditions for acquiring preferential Serbian origin of goods;
  • Defining the optimal process for the import of materials, packaging, equipment and export of finished products;
  • Consultations on issuing certificates of non-preferential origin of goods;
  • Clarification of regular customs procedures, simplified customs procedures, active processing, temporary import/export, customs procedures in the free customs zone;
  • Support in establishing a free zone regime;
  • Support in submitting requests to relevant state institutions;
  • Verification of documentation in the customs process (invoice, certificates of origin, import/export permits);
  • Consultations on the financial aspect of customs procedures;
  • Submission of requests to state institutions related to import permits and inspections (sanitary, phytosanitary, veterinary control, etc.);
  • Import of equipment with exemption from payment of customs duties;
  • Issuance of T1 transit document;

Additional services for customs clearance 

Transfera is one of the first holders of the status of Authorized Business Entity, which enables simplified and faster communication with the Customs authorities when submitting requests and implementing all customs procedures. In order for your goods to be available for free circulation as soon as possible, when paying the customs invoice, we also offer the possibility of delayed payment using our customs bank guarantee. Customs clearance services are performed by our authorized customs agents with many years of experience in an expert and professional manner.

Transfera has the status of an Authorized recipient and sender of goods in transit procedure, which allows us to easily receive and ship goods and thus shorten the transit time of your shipment to its final destination.

Modern solutions for faster and easier implementation of the customs procedure

With application of modern software solutions, Transfera provides users of its services with additional value through the transparency of the proposed logistics solutions and the speed of the customs procedure implementation.

Do you need a customs clearance service? Send us a request for an offer and someone from the Transfera team will contact you shortly.