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Your reliable partner international road transport

Success of modern business and efficiency of supply chains is based on the support and flexibility of logistics providers and the services they provide to their clients.
One of the key factors for establishing such systems is fast, reliable and efficient international road transport. With over 110,000 shipments in international road transport in 2022, Transfera company has ranked among the strongest logistics companies in the region.

In order to fulfill all the requirements that modern business brings, we have created a unique concept of road transport organization on the market. With a systematic approach and expert selection of subcontractors and logistics partners, a strong transport network and a reliable transport fleet, recognized at the European level, were formed.

Transfera’s road transport organization concept allows us to respond promptly and efficiently to additional requests or changes in transport orders.

The most common requests refer to:

  • A change in the type of transport or type of vehicle due to a change in the quantity of goods
  • An adequate reaction due to the sudden need to shorten the transit time
  • Alternative solutions due to crowds at border crossings, specifics at customs offices or unfavorable weather conditions on the roads
  • Consulting in foreign trade affairs and support regarding the correctness of the documentation accompanying the goods during the transport route
  • Additional insurance of shipments for the purpose of safety and insurance of goods in transport against all risks

More possibilities for the organization of road transport – integrated service as added value.

Depending on the required transit time, quantity and type of goods being transported, we offer clients different ways of organizing road transport or a combination of them:

  • FTL (Full Truck Load) – full loads;
  • LTL (Less than Truck Load) – partial loads;
  • Groupage transport – collective transport;
  • Integrated service – a greater number of systematically managed logistics activities through the handling of the shipment in question within the framework of international road transport.;
  • Organization of international road transport;
  • Customs representation in Serbia and abroad;
  • Production of transit documents;
  • Organization of inspections;
  • Additional insurance of goods in transport;
  • Storage and handling activities;
  • Distribution to end customers and collection of goods in Serbia and the region to our logistics center.

Services that Transfera offers in the field of international road transport: