Domestic Road Transport


Your reliable partner for distribution of goods in Serbia.

A specially created and determined type of service for our clients is the distribution of goods in Serbia.

Modern business, new delivery trends and increasingly complex customer requirements (online ordering, deliveries to the customer addresses, deliveries to the stores, city logistics, etc.) profiled the distribution department as one of the most important links in our organization. In order to support modern supply chains, as well as individual customer requirements, Transfera company has created its own distribution network, with a central warehouse in TLC Novi Banovci.

Our distribution network (locations of distribution warehouses and frequency of shuttle vehicles between them) covers a large number of cities, which guarantees our customers high reliability and speed of delivery (within 24 hours on the territory of the whole of Serbia).

Distribution of goods in the shortest period of time

Vehicles with a wide range of load capacity and purposes are available. We provide services for vehicles with a load capacity of 500 kg to 20,000 kg.

Within the scope of distribution, new solutions were created in accordance with the special requirements of clients.

Reliable solutions for the fastest distribution of goods

Distribution channels that we cover are:

  1. B2B – distribution of individual packages and collectively packaged goods for legal entities;
  2. D2D – service of picking up shipments from the client’s location and direct delivery to the desired address according to the client’s order;
  3. B2C – shipments distribution service for natural persons who require home delivery. We offer our B2C clients fast and reliable product delivery directly to their address.

Do you need a service in the field of distribution? Send us a request for an offer and someone from the Transfera team will contact you shortly.

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