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Setting standards in transport and logistics worldwide.

Transfera is a logistics company based in Belgrade, which deals with the organization of transport – road, air, ship and railway, customs representation, provision of warehousing and manipulative services and distribution of goods.

Since the very foundation of the company, the client has always been at the center of our activities. Dedication to the client, continuous development of services and infrastructure, in a short time positioned Transfera as one of the leaders on the market of Serbia and the region.

With over 400 employees, a turnover of approximately EUR 100 million in 2022, 22 offices in Serbia and a representative office in China, the status of an Authorised Economic Operator (AOE, type F), a storage capacity of 40,000 m2 in Belgrade, in Serbia Transfera offers a complete logistics solutions for every industry.



Transfera is widely recognized as a leader on the regional market and a reliable partner that sets the standard of quality and professionalism in integrated logistics solutions characterized by constant technological innovations, all the while respecting the principles of sustainable development.


The mission of the company Transfera is embodied within the symbiosis of operational growth and development, continuous improvements and innovations in logistics solutions, by which we achieve the best conditions for employees and uphold sustainable principles, aiming to improving the quality of life for everyone.

Innovative solutions

Kompanija “Transfera” je osnovana 2003. godine u Beogradu. Primarni fokus je na pružanju usluga međunarodnog i domaćeg drumskog transporta, carinskog zastupanja, distribuciji robe i skladištenja.

Postojeća struktura kompanije kreirana je 2013. godine, kada je Transfera oformila jak i prepoznatljiv tim koji je doneo novu snagu i kvalitet usluga našim klijentima.

Users of our services in Transfera have a reliable partner who can not only respond to every logistical request, but also provide suggestions for optimizing logistics processes, which allows them to focus on their core business.

We believe in the team and our employees. Dedication to people allows us to turn the synergy of our work into a recognizable quality of Transfera’s service.

We believe in sustainable development and social responsibility. Over the past decade, what has set us apart as a company is environmental responsibility and donations directed at those who need it most. We strive to spread the principles of social responsibility by which we are guided in business to all our employees and partners, in order to influence the prosperity of people and the community with our joint efforts.

We believe in digitization, that’s why we try to support all processes in the company with modern software tools in order to ensure a timely and accurate flow of information between Transfera and the client and speed up the steps in implementation of the service while optimizing costs.

We are Transfera and we can’t wait to meet you.






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Company management


Duško Radović

Chief Executive Officer


Vladimir Popović

Chief Financial Officer


Marko Rizov

Chief Road Transport Officer


Zoran Vranješ

Chief Air, Sea and Railway Transport Officer


Srđan Banović

Business Development Director


Stefan Radivojević

Chief Customer Service Officer


Predrag Matić

Contract Logistics Officer

Marko Divljan

Marko Divljan

Sales Director


Milica Pekez

HR Manager

O nama

are people


  • Beginning of development path with existing structure

    Headquarters in Belgrade, customs clearance, transport, storage services, a mix of experiences.

  • Situation in the company

    29 employees, EUR 2.84 million in revenue. It covers every customs terminal in Belgrade.

  • Start of expansion

    55 employees, EUR 7.52 million in revenue, branches in Sremska Mitrovica, Kruševac and Kragujevac.

  • Development

    EUR 14.25 million in revenue, 12 locations in Serbia, 20 licensed customs brokers, EUR 2 million customs bank guarantee, coverage of customs operations at every customs terminal in Serbia, subcontractor fleet of over 70 branded vehicles, authorized consignor and consignee of goods, ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 certified by SGS, T2O-customized software development project.

  • Achievements

    Medium-sized logistics company, recognized on the market as flexible and focused, certified by AEO, launched project T2020, EUR 18.30 million in revenue, 150 employees.

  • More can always be done!

    Development of the Aviation and Maritime Transport Department, EUR 27.50 million in revenue, 174 employees, development projects supported by the EBRD.

  • Digitization of business

    15 locations, EUR 35.50 million in revenue, 221 employees, focus on digitization and technology, improving user experience.

  • Improvement of the company

    17 locations, EUR 44 million in revenue, 240 employees, the company presents a new department dedicated to sales and business development in the form of an interface for potential clients.

  • Beginning of the construction of logistics center

    20 locations and 290 employees. Beginning of the construction of the first logistics center (TLC 1), as part of a wider project of Transfera Logistics Park creation (TLP).

  • Commencement of operations of logistics center

    20 locations and 350 employees. Commencement of operations of TLC1 in Novi Banovci. EUR 65 million in revenue.

  • Continuous growth and development!

    Close to 400 employees, turnover of approximately EUR 100 million in 2022, 20 offices in Serbia and a representative office in China.


International membership

We participate in providing logistics support of the highest level, for clients all over the world.