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Your reliable partner in express shipments

What sets Transfera apart in Serbia, especially in the last few years, is precisely the express service and especially great support for the automotive industry.

If it is necessary for your goods to reach the desired destination as quickly as possible, Transfera offers you a safe and high-quality realization of urgent shipments in the shortest possible time with full support during the process of realization of the transport.

Do you need fast delivery of goods to any part of Europe? Rely on Transfera!

Regardless of the goods you want to deliver and regardless of whether your focus is on quality or speed of service, Transfera has the flexibility and expertise to successfully respond to even the most complex requests.

Modern solutions for guaranteed and fast service

Realization of express transport in the Transfera oorganization implies:

  • Availability 365 days a year, 24/7;
  • Possibility of export and import customs clearance of shipments and a strong forwarding network throughout Europe;
  • Capacity and availability of various types of transport in the shortest possible time (emergency vans, charter flights, OBC couriers – on board courier service, double/triple crews, …);
  • Extensive experience in the implementation of urgent deliveries to the world’s largest car manufacturers and full support to their suppliers both in Serbia and in Europe;
  • Documentation check and consulting during the urgent delivery process itself;
  • Expert teams for coordinating activities during emergency situations;
  • SOP (single point of contact) – a person within the company who coordinates operations, leads the team for emergency situations and communicates with the client.

Do you need an express shipments service? Send us a request for an offer and someone from the Transfera team will contact you shortly.

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