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Your reliable partner for full loads

As part of the business and services it offers, Transfera guarantees its clients support, transparent and professional cooperation for full loads.

In this case, the truck generally transports only one type of shipment, ie. goods in a larger quantity, whereby the logistics process is carried out in a significantly different way compared to partial shipments.

Loading and transport of all types of goods

During a long series of years and improvement in the field of logistics and transport, we have formed a widespread network of partners with whom we cooperate and thanks to which we are able to provide our clients with all technical guidelines and precise data that may be of importance before loading goods and initializing transport.

Your strategic partner fo partial loads

In addition to the transport of full loads, Transfera also provides a transport service related to partial shipments of smaller dimensions, even if it is a matter of pallets of several kilograms.

This term refers to shipments that do not occupy the entire surface area of the truck, but only a part, where the logistics processes are significantly different and often simpler to implement and organize compared to the transport of full loads.

Do you need a service in the field of full loads? Send us a request for an offer and someone from the Transfera team will contact you shortly.

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