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IRU (International Road Transport Union) – International Road Transport Association develops partnership in all activities and for all members of association, monitors activities, legislation, development policies and other aspects of road transport, offers cooperation and develops strategic plans through its working groups, establishes dialogues with intergovernmental bodies, international organizations and all those interested in the field of road transport, offers cooperation in development plans, achieves communication between the public and private sectors, trains its members through its IRU-Academy, promotes practical services and information.


A non-governmental organization that today represents about 40,000 freight forwarding and logistics companies with 15 million employees in over 150 countries. This largest federation of freight forwarding associations is also known as the “Architect of Transport”. As part of its operations, FIATA has developed a training program for employees in freight forwarding and foreign trade companies, based on learning via the Internet (eLearning).


(International Air Transport Association) Headquarters of this very important international regulatory organization is in Montreal. IATA also has a central European office in Geneva. The association was founded in 1948 in Havana. There are 230 airlines in the association, which in total perform 93% of regular air traffic. IATA is present in 148 countries through 74 regional offices. The regional office responsible for Serbia is in Zagreb and is responsible for Croatia and Western Balkans. IATA protects the interests of airlines around the world, simplifies numerous procedures and thus reduces the costs of air traffic. This organization prescribes the rules according to which the airlines that are members are obliged to behave and perform their activities. The rules adopted by IATA concern safety and security, efficiency, economy.


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