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Transfera provides environmentally friendly logistics solutions that are economically justified and cover long-distance transport challenges, creating benefits and additional values by transporting large quantities of goods.

The safest cargo transport

Today, trains are not only the safest mode of transport, but also the most energy efficient, since they generate up to 80% less CO2 and consume 75-90% less energy for cargo traffic than road traffic.

That is why Transfera gives a primary role to intermodal, road – rail transport (Shift2Rail), which is not only the safest system in logistics, but also enables route control and transit schedule, flexibility during unloading and loading, and better cargo security. For us, the benefits of intermodal transport regarding the improvement of the environment and the achievement of sustainable development goals through more efficient use of energy sources and reduction of pollution are of great importance.

Providing the best solutions for rail transporta

In addition to the organization of conventional transport in domestic and international traffic, we also organize for you the transport of: liquid cargo, bulk cargo, special (weight) shipments, dangerous goods (RID), making calculations according to your requirements with the application of the most favorable tariffs, operational monitoring of shipments on the entire transport road, physical security of shipments at the customer’s request, security of all types of wagons. We also offer insurance of goods, preparation of permits and necessary documentation required for the realization of rail transport, customs clearance and warehousing.

Do you need a rail transport service? Send us a request for an offer and someone from the Transfera team will contact you shortly.

Železnički transport