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New trends in the automotive industry dictate the constant need for stocks to tend to zero, and for goods and processed materials to be delivered exactly on time (“just in time”) and right to the production line (“just in sequence”). Such a way of working requires high-level logistics and an efficient supply chain.

Following the market, tendencies and business needs within the automotive industry, Transfera has developed a specialized service – TS Automotive, fully adapted to the complex requirements of clients from the aforementioned business area.

TS Automotive presents a whole range of services that include the use of simplified customs procedures so that shipments, to the satisfaction of clients, are cleared and shipped to the place of delivery in the shortest possible time. Also, this unique service includes the use of vehicles with two drivers for urgent deliveries in road transport, and in special cases, urgent shipments are also dispatched by charter flights or so-called OnBoard Courier deliveries.

Efficiency at the highest level

The level of efficiency that our TS Automotiveservice enables is recognized by numerous satisfied clients. In this way, Transfera successfully supplies many well-known global manufacturers from the automotive industry.

TS Automotive service includes:

Dedicated vehicles – the organization of transport with small vehicles in road transport, the organization of transport with double crews of drivers for deliveries with very strict transit times are some of the daily requirements we face when it comes to our clients from the automotive industry. Vehicles are under strict monitoring, and checking of all critical points on the route (customs terminals, border crossings, road works, stoppages due to accidents, etc.) takes place from the operations center of the Transfera company. Based on received information, routes are optimized during the transit itself and the best solutions are chosen in order to deliver the goods in required time interval.

Cargo charter flights / OBC (On Board Courier) shipments – so-called “panic shipments”, when it is imperative to deliver the goods in very short time intervals, respecting the JIS (Just In Sequence) concept. Cargo planes are used, but not on regular routes, but special charter flights are organized. Planes arrive targeted at departure airports, pick up goods and arrive at their destination in the shortest possible time. Transfera organizes the complete logistics process up to the end user – D2D (door to door) service. In the case of smaller shipments, it is possible to organize special courier deliveries so that the shipment reaches the final location in the shortest possible time.

Simplified customs procedures – simplified customs procedures and procedures enable customs formalities to be completed in the shortest period of time. In this way, the movement of goods is accelerated, all in order to deliver the shipment in the required transit time.

Reporting – regular reporting on the status of all current shipments. In addition to information on the current position of the shipment, clients receive information on the estimated time of arrival at the destination – ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). For express deliveries, the report is sent several times during the day, and at the special request of the client, it is possible to send up to 24 reports on a daily basis.

Reliable and professional team

From the aspect of documentation preparation, transport organization and shipment tracking, the mentioned operations are among the most complex logistics tasks. That is why the Transfera Operations Center, in charge of coordination, monitoring and reporting, is available to its clients 24 hours a day, every day of the week. A trained and professional team collects all current information and forms the so-called “status report” report – notification about the status and position of the shipment, which can be delivered to clients every hour.

Client satisfaction is always our first priority. That’s why, in the very dynamic market of the automotive industry, we constantly design and find the best solutions – tailored to the needs of the user.

Do you need a service within the automotive industry? Send us a request for an offer and someone from the Transfera team will contact you shortly.

TS Automotive