Aleksa and “Transfera“ providing free home delivery

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Aleksa i Transfera na zadatku besplatnih dostava

Young Aleksa Zivkovic from Pirot, who is trying to draw attention to the importance of social responsibility and ecological awareness through his humane initiatives, has been cruising around on his bike for quite a while, providing home delivery of food and medications to elderly and sick people, completely free of charge. Moreover, Aleksa has also been involved in children’s and adolescents’ education through a series of educational projects and lectures on the importance of recycling and its impact on the community.

The company “Transfera“ has joined the initiative of Aleksa Zivkovic, thus enabling this young man to translate his ideas into actions more easily.

We are very honoured to have an opportunity to support someone like Aleksa, who stands as an example to others, inspiring young people and returning hope to the old. We believe that others will also be able to recognize the value of these humane initiatives, said Vladimir Popovic, a financial director of the company “Transfera”.