Children’s joy – Our obligation!

Posted by: Stefan Sarac
Category: eng

In accordance with the long tradition of supporting humanitarian initiatives, and the efforts to improve the overall quality of life of those less fortunate groups, Transfera answered the call of the humanitarian organization “Children’s joy” from Belgrade and helped provide school and didactic material for children with mental disabilities to use for activities within occupational and creative workshops.

This humanitarian action included three social protection institutions from Subotica, Pancevo, and Belgrade, with children who had a tough last year, because it was impossible for them to leave the institutions because of the coronavirus outbreak. This way, the little ones were supplied with the necessary school and creative material.

Faced with isolation and limited mobility for more than a year, children with mental disabilities mustn’t be neglected and their socialization and a chance for a joyous day have to be the responsibility of all of us capable of supporting them and alleviating their already difficult situation.”, said Branimir Mihic, Transfera’s Procurement, and Maintenance Manager.