Groupage Transport of Goods– “Transfera“ is the Best Option

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Groupage Transport of Goods– “Transfera“ is the Best Option

What can you do when you have only one or two pallets of goods? How to transport your goods efficiently and at lower costs? One of solutions is  groupage road transport, which means that all shipments are consolidated in one place and then forwarded together in the truck. This service reduces your costs because you pay only for the part which the consignment has occupied, and not for the entire cargo area.

The term groupage road transport has been often heard recently – as a synonym for the part of logistics chain with reduced costs. However, goods can be transported in different ways depending on the amount, total weight, urgency of delivery.

1.  FTL (Full TruckLoad) –full loads
2. PTL (Partial Truck Load) – partial loads/reloads
3. LTL (Less than Truck Load) – groupage and express shipments

There is one basic difference between PLT and LTL: consolidation of shipments. Partial loads refer to shipment dimensions which are not optimized to be consolidated (usually gross weight over 2 tons) and which one transport vehicle collects on its route to the final destination, while groupage shipments with less gross weight are consolidated and collected into one HUB (central warehouse), from where they are transported by one vehicle to another HUB, where they are  further distributed to end-users.

Why use groupage transport of goods?

Challenges faced by logistics providers are as follows: loading on a transport vehicle, transport to a hub, warehousing, packing into a transportation unit, transport to another hub, storage, unpacking into the initial unit form, distribution to final destination and unloading at the customer’s. Clients using this way of transport have many benefits: finding efficient and reliable solutions, both in terms of transit time of arrival of the shipment and in terms of costs, timely provision of information regarding the status and arrival of the shipment, cooperation with reliable long-term partners all over Europe.

By proper management, processes can be optimized, service improved, and  transit time of delivery shortened. By introduction of regular departures from the central HUB, transit time of shipments is clearly defined, while increased frequency of departures ensures shorter delivery times (adherence to ETD – estimated time of departure and ETA – estimated time of arrival).

The Company Transfera is specialized in providing services of groupage road transport.

– We constantly optimize our groupage lines with strict transit times and regular departures. With the infrastructure in the form of cross docking warehouses, we try to take advantage of all benefits of groupage transport and primarily offer to clients a competitive price and efficient transit time – “Transfera“ says.

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