Industry solutions

Do you need expert opinions and logistical guidelines in the automotive industry? Rely on Transfera! We guarantee complete safety of the goods being transported, thanks to synchronization and speed that enable successful transport.


Transportation and logistics tailored to the needs of fast-moving consumer goods are reliably and timely executed by Transfera. We guarantee compliance with specific procedures and maximum process optimization to ensure that the goods reach the desired address.


Logistic solutions for the chemical industry encompass the transportation, handling, and storage of raw materials used in the chemical industry, as well as its products. Due to the specific nature of these raw materials and products, companies operating in the chemical industry require a reliable logistics partner.


We provide ancillary services in the furniture industry, from commissioning and packaging to sampling goods upon request by inspection authorities, as well as transportation. The selection of vehicles and shorter delivery times will reduce costs, with the added benefit of 24/7 shipment tracking capabilities.


With a deep understanding of all regulations and guidelines, coupled with a high level of efficiency and experience, our specialized team will offer you the best logistics solutions tailored to all your individual requirements and needs.


Transportation of construction materials by sea, air, or road is delivered directly to your desired address! We provide warehouse facilities and possess the necessary equipment, along with a professional team that ensures the fulfillment of all your requirements.


Our specialized team will ensure that everything you need in the healthcare industry is delivered according to pre-established agreements and with precisely designed organization.


Logistics solutions in the food industry must be highly optimized and tailored to the industry's demands. With us, you have a reliable partner that provides transportation and storage, especially when it comes to perishable goods.

Food Industry

Our long-standing collaborations and experience guarantee that your needs in the electrical industry will be fulfilled without exception. Rely on the expertise of our specially trained team, ensuring that all formalities are properly handled.


If you operate in the textile and fashion industry and are looking for a team to handle transportation and logistics, you are in the right place. Transfera meets your needs and provides efficient business solutions.

Textile & Fashion

We have experience in all aspects of logistics support and transportation for the retail sector. We specialize in providing tailored solutions for each client, with a level of service delivery that exceeds our customers' expectations.


If you need logistic solutions in the field of metallurgy or expert advice on the best solutions within the same domain, Transfera's professional team is at your disposal!