ITJ: Transfera – growing stronger day by day

Posted by: Stefan Sarac
Category: eng

One thing is certain – year 2020. is specific in many aspects caused by the global outbreak of corona virus. As the global economies struggle to reopen and reach the positive balance, logistics is surely one of the most affected businesses, trying to adapt to the new environment.

Despite this fact, Transfera, logistics company from Serbia, has managed to stay on the projected budget for 2020., looking forward to reach the best result since the establishment of the company.

Customer oriented as it is, Transfera is constantly adapting its organizational structure to meet the expectations of clients and create the added value for users of Transera’s services. This is why, starting from 1st of September this year, the company introduced new Department – Sales & Business Development, as an interface to potential clients, dedicated to creating the customized logistics solutions based on the specific needs of each client. Mr. Srdjan Banovic, former Chief Customer Service Officer in company Transfera, has been entrusted to run Sales & Development Department.

In the same time, Mr. Stefan Radivojevic, former Head of Key Account Operations within Customer Service Department, has been promoted to Chief Customer Service Officer. Mr. Radivojevic has started his professional career in Transfera, developing his skills as a young prospect and growing to become one of the key persons within the organization.

In Transfera, they are absolutely sure that youth and experience will support the simple organizational objective – becoming stronger day by day.

Original text taken from International Transport Journal.