Sanja Raickovic for eKapija: It is important now more than ever to provide support and security to the employees

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Sanja Raičković za eKapiju: Sada je važnije nego ikada pružiti podršku i sigurnost zaposlenima

The essence of the business philosophy of the company Transfera is the orientation toward the employees, their development and progress, so as the company grew, it became necessary to form the sector of Human Resources as an organizational unit in charge of creating and carrying out HR policies. This responsible task was entrusted to Sanja Raickovic, who was appointed to the position of the HR Manager at Transfera in 2019 and has remained there since.

Setting up the basic HR processes primarily aimed to establish transparent and open communication but also to enable the work on dynamic inter-sector relations and establish a career-based advancement system.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired during her studies at the University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies and then at her master studies at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Department of Human Resources, Sanja Raickovic coordinated all the activities within the projects having to do with the employees.

The founding of the Transfera Academy was put on top of the list of priorities, with defining training programs for various categories of employees, including new employees, young talents and managers. The program of training for the group of young talents entails, in addition to various training courses which aim for the attendees to acquire and develop management skills, additional practical training through individual work with their mentors. This project was launched in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which has recognized the importance of employing young people and having them shaped into managers.

– The company also fosters the culture of feedback, which means that the employees are having talks with their managers on a quarterly basis, where they can get feedback on their progress and openly say if they are facing any difficulties. The employees are encouraged in various ways to give their suggestions, whether anonymously or through talks with the HR manager, who is available to them at any moment. The forms are different, but one thing is certain – we want each employee’s voice to be heard – Sanja Raickovic emphasizes.

Considering that the company fosters openness and diversity, it’s no wonder that among the employees in Transfera, in addition to traffic engineers, which are understandably the most numerous, there are also graduates from various other faculties, from economists and organizational sciences engineers to philologists and many other professions. The education and the working experience play an important role, but taking the initiative and being innovative, while also being willing and dedicated, are the competences that Transfera believes guarantee success.

– Our slogan is already well known to everybody – Transfera are people. This sentence very clearly defines the importance of the sector of Human Resources and the responsibility the sector has in our company. The additional challenges of my position are especially pronounced during the Covid-19 pandemic, when timely and exact communication is invaluable. Now more than ever, it is important to provide support and security to the employees and worry about the physical health, by complying with all the preventive measures and recommendations, and the mental health of the employees. That is the only way to save the main value of the company and dedicate ourselves to the projects planned for the next year – Raickovic concludes.

Transfera earlier announced that it would keep its projected budget for 2020 and that it expected record results in that year. This also confirms Transfera’s orientation toward the employees.

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