Srđan Banović for Nedeljnik: How we created a winning team and started expanding

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Srđan Banović za Nedeljnik: Kako smo stvorili pobednički tim i počeli da se širimo

In business, there is no “magic” formula for success that will take you to the very top, it takes a lot of desire, dedication, work, successes and failures… and most importantly, the right group of people who are the driving force behind everything, says Srđan Banović, director of sales and development of the Transfera company.

Year after year, you keep recording exceptional growth, and in 2023, this has a special significance – you mark a decade of conducting business in domestic and foreign markets. When you look back over the past ten years, what would you single out as the biggest success and turning point in this triumphant story?

Transfera was founded in 2013, led by the first team of 17 people who, with their dedication, ambition and strategic thinking, became a winning team and created one of the largest and fastest growing logistics companies in the region.

Success is most evident through achieved results – growth of 40% and approximately 100 million EUR in revenue achieved in 2022 alone, reaching the number of 420 employees and over 25 business offices, building one of the most modern and largest logistics facilities in Serbia and the region and continuous business expansion, regionally and globally. In business, there is no “magical” success formula that will take you to the top, it takes a lot of desire, commitment, work, successes as well as failures… and most importantly, the right group of people who are the driving force behind everything.

In those ten years, there have been huge changes and great innovations. How much has the transport and logistics industry changed and how did Transfera keep up – or were you a step ahead of everyone else?

The transport and logistics industry is certainly one of the most dynamic, especially if we consider the instability and frequent changes in the market situation, process modernization and almost daily technological innovations. All of these are factors that directly affect the change in the rules of the game in the market – that’s why, as a strong player, it’s important to anticipate changes and react even before they happen.

Digitization has definitely taken precedence in all aspects, that’s why in the previous period we actively worked on the development of modern communication systems and completely focused on the digital exchange of information with clients. Through modern software solutions and optimization of internal processes, we have focused partly on robotics, especially in the auto industry where we work with a large number of clients.

In the last couple of years, Transfera has been expanding by leaps and bounds on the regional and global market. What are your experiences in foreign countries, what results have you achieved?

We are proud to have built a strong, I would say global partnership network over a period of ten years. Bearing in mind that the People’s Republic of China is an extremely important and strong economic partner, we opened a company representative office in Shanghai, which significantly improved communication and cooperation with numerous Chinese partners. This is best illustrated by the fact that in the past few months alone, we have held over 60 meetings in more than 15 cities across China. When on one hand you have someone whose requirements are clear and on the other strong logistical support to offer them, there is no reason why the partnership cannot be more than successful.

When we talk about regional expansion, I will use the opportunity to announce the opening of our representative office in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The needs of long-term clients for our integrated logistics solutions in this part of the region influenced our decision that the next step should be Transfera Bosna.

What are the short-term and long-term plans that will help Transfera continue to be successful in the next ten years?

The mentioned results, new projects and technological innovations are only part of the big plans that will mark the upcoming era of Transfera’s business in the next ten years. What awaits us in the near future is the expansion of storage capacities, the continuation of the construction of the Transfera logistics park, the establishment of new collaborations and the expansion of operations that will strengthen the leadership position in both the domestic and foreign markets.

As in the previous decade, we made a detailed assessment of all aspects of our business and defined ambitious goals that motivate us to be better and surpass ourselves day by day – as individuals, teams and the company.

Taken from the Nedeljnik portal.