The boy who has only half a hearth takes over the world with rock and roll

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Dečak sa pola srca rokenrolom osvaja svet

On 20th of May in one of the Belgrade clubs was held a promotion of the rock album of a young musician Nikola Džoni Ranković. Džoni is 12 years old and up to now, in the world history of rock and roll, no one has ever published rock and roll album so young. What makes him so special are his will and desire to conquer serious health problems which he faces. Namely, from the age of six to ten (after several difficult operations on the hearth and struggle with diabetes, as well as knowledge that it is not the end of treatment) he wrote lyrics, composed music, made arrangements for all his songs; our best producer Vojislav Aralica has selected 8 of them as the most valuable for the album on which he is the leading singer and guitar payer. The company Transfera is one of the album`s sponsors, which is symbolically named “Teram po svom”

To hear Džoni click on the following link: