Transfera Academy: With knowledge comes success

Posted by: Stefan Sarac
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Transfera Academy: With knowledge comes success

The Transfera company is continuously working on improving its employees’ education and training through various types of internal and external courses, which are all part of the Transfera academy program. Since the beginning, the Academy stayed true to the original concept that included three main focus groups – new employees, managers, and young talents, but in the previous three years, each program has been redesigned and improved in accordance with employee feedback.

The program for new employees is based on the acquisition of professional knowledge from various areas of logistics and the development of more basic “soft skills”, while the program for managers is personalized and focused primarily on developing leadership skills. In addition to the above-mentioned programs, various external courses are also available to employees, such as individual language lessons or specific professional courses for a certain field. External lecturers at the Academy, university professors, renowned foreign managers, HR consultants, and others, openly transfer their knowledge and experience and provide professional support to Transfera’s team.

Based on various types of research within the company, we saw that an important motivation factor for a young team like we have in Transfera is the provision of opportunities for professional training, advancement, and personal development, which is why we are especially dedicated to this area. In addition, internal training is a great opportunity for managers, and lecturers at the Academy, to further improve their own skills through the exchange of knowledge,” said Sanja Raičković, HR manager of the Transfera company in charge of the Transfera Academy.