Transfera and Drava don’t surrender!

Posted by: Stefan Sarac
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Transfera and Drava don’t surrender!

For the 80th anniversary of the beginning of WW2, there is a new movie being filmed in Serbia about the heroes that served aboard the royal battleship “Drava”, which was, in 1941. during the war, under the command of Lieutenant Aleksandar Berić. The crew of this ship wrote the pages of warfare history in golden letters and will always be remembered for its historic feat in the April War. Now is the time to transfer the events that happened to the movie screen.

As a great admirer of culture and art, Transfera once again took the „supporting role” and gladly accepted to be part of this historic project name “Drava doesn’t surrender”, which is being realized by the Film center of Serbia, Ministry of Defense, Military Film center Zastava Film, Crater Studio from Belgrade and Komanda river flotillas of the Serbian Army from Novi Sad.

“We are proud to be part of a project such as this one, that will showcase how honor, dignity and courage leave the future generations an obligation to never forget the great names of Serbian history and the true values of our society”, said Branimir Mihić, Transfera’s Supply Manager.