Transfera and “MCB” signed agreement on cooperation

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Transfera and “MCB” signed agreement on cooperation

Transfera has signed a contract with the Management center Belgrade on the continuing education of  Transfera employees in sales, finance, management and communications. As noted, the cooperation between these two companies will be in the form of in-house training – workshops in which the company’s employees Transfera will master new skills and techniques and thus improve the quality of services to its clients.

– Our employees are motivated and oriented towards achieving the objectives. Such training allows us to improve our business and give employees the opportunity to utilize their potential – said Marko Kambic, manager of sales and development at Transfera .

MCB – Management Center Belgrade is a company specialized in training managers, established in 2001. It is the leading company for sales training, finance, management, HR (human resources), pharmacy, banking and telecommunications, and the market leader, with the largest market share in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.