Transfera announces the start of construction of its Logistics Park (TLP)

Posted by: Stefan Sarac
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Transfera announces the start of construction of its Logistics Park (TLP)

Following its strategic directions of development and goals, the logistics company Transfera announced the start of construction of its first logistics center (TLC 1), as part of a broader project to create a Transfera Logistics Park (TLP). The selected location is located 30km from Belgrade and 20km north of Belgrade Airport, in the settlement of Novi Banovci, near the highway E-75, just 4km away from the future intermodal terminal in Batajnica.

The area of the first logistics center will cover 30.000m2, of which 3.000m2 will contain office space and will serve as the company headquarters, while the rest includes storage space and accompanying rooms for rest and recreation such as restaurants, cafes, and trim tracks. The facility will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology for managing storage operations – the Warehouse management system (WMS), with the application of the highest FM global standards, and one of the priorities is the use of renewable energy sources. The total area of the terminal where the TLC1 will be located on, covers 50.000m2 and will be fully controlled via the use of the software systems such as the  Yard management system (YMS) and the Dock management system.

“By completing this project we are extremely proud to become a company with one of the largest logistics centers in Serbia. With this project, we confirm the successful operation of the company in the previous period. With nearly 300 employees we are on track to achieve the projected plan of over 60 million euros in revenue in 2021, which lays the foundation for our further growth, job creation, and development of our operations both domestically and internationally” – said Vladimir Popovic, executive director of the finance sector.