Transfera at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences: The youth holds the keys to the future

Posted by: Stefan Sarac
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Transfera na Fakultetu organizacionih nauka: Mladi ljudi su nosioci budućnosti

At the end of February, Transfera company representatives – Predrag Matić, Director of Contract Logistics, and Milan Martinović, Warehouse Manager, held a lecture at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences of the University of Belgrade. The main topic was centered around the challenges of choosing a location and designing the layout of all the facilities.

With a detailed representation of the company’s operations as well as their long-term experience and various ways of overcoming daily challenges they face, the Director of Contract Logistics and the Warehouse Manager provided the students of the Master’s module Business Process Management, within the Organization and Management Consulting program, valuable advice and guidelines for starting their careers.

We are very pleased to have the opportunity to, through guest lectures and education, impart knowledge to ambitious young people and contribute to their professional development. We are proud that the Faculty of Organizational Sciences recognized us as a valuable partner, and we will continue to provide knowledge and support to future young experts”, said Predrag Matić, Director of Contract Logistics at Transfera.