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Do you know that an average car contains 30.000 parts? Wiper blades, electronic assemblies and cables, window seals, shaped covers and seat heaters, batteries – all of this is manufactured in the factories of suppliers specialized in particular components, whereas plants of the automobile manufacturers have virtually become locations of assembling such parts. Since 1985 the share of suppliers in the automotive industry has increased from 56 to 82% to date.

Serbia has recently become an ideal place for suppliers in the field of the automotive industry. Qualified labor force and finished product quality as well as favorable logistic conditions attract leading companies in this field to start their own production activities in Serbia. About 60 multinational companies have invested in this sector so far, and total investment value has been over 1.7 billion euros, with 27.000 work places. Almost all major European automobile manufacturers are supplied from Serbia.

In a single day only, about 165.000 cars are manufactured worldwide. Imagine how the logistics enabling the automotive industry to operate on just-in-time principle looks like.

Our company is one of the leading logistics companies in Serbia which has a specialized service– TS Automotive, completely adjusted to the requirements of clients from the automotive industry.

TS Automotive represents a broad range of services including the use of simplified customs procedures so that parcels are customs cleared and dispatched to the delivery destination as soon as possible, then the use of vehicles with two drivers for urgent deliveries in road transportation and in special cases urgent deliveries are dispatched by charter flights or OnBoard Courier deliveries.

In the course of 2015 and 2016, we dispatched 115 urgent deliveries by charter flights from the airports in Belgrade and Nis, for the requirements of automobile manufacturers Ford and Volkswagen.

From the aspect of documentation preparation, transportation organization and parcel tracking, such operations belong to the most complex logistics tasks. That is why our Operation Centre, dealing with coordination, tracking and reporting, is available to our clients 24/7. This is where all current information is collected and the so called status reports -notifications about parcel status and position sent to clients on an hourly basis -are created.