Transfera – Half way to achieving our goal!

Posted by: Stefan Sarac
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Transfera – Half way to achieving our goal!

Just three months prior, Transfera announced the beginning of construction of the first logistics center (TLC1), as part of a larger project – creating the Transfera logistics park (TLP) within the industrial zone in Novi Banovci, just outside Belgrade. Today, with the full support of our partners and great organization within our ranks, we are proud to announce that we are well on our way to achieve the set goal that is no longer just a drawn-out sketch on paper.

Construction on Transfera’s facility is moving ahead of schedule. Concrete and terrain works are in their final phase, evidenced by the construction set in the terrain ready for the grand 30.000 square feet facility. Facade and roof work, that will completely seal off this massive facility, is currently being finalized, followed by the finishing works in the facility’s interior.

“Despite the unfavorable weather conditions, construction workers are battling every day in order to finish this massive project on or ahead of schedule. The construction process is progressing even better than anticipated and we expect to have a fully realized TLC1 project by the beginning of next year. This will mark a new chapter in the company’s business and a new chapter in creating conditions for achieving enviable results and increasing the overall quality of all logistics services we provide to our current and future clients” – said Vladimir Radovic, manager of Transfera’s TLC1 project.