Transfera held a traditional management meeting

Posted by: Stefan Sarac
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Transfera hat eine traditionelle managementsitzung abgelegt

Last weekend, Transfera held its traditional annual management meeting, which was attended by over 60 management members from different sectors of the company. During the two-day stay at the well-known meeting place, Salaš 137, which is located near Novi Sad, lectures were held on the current topics of business financing, market changes and trends, results and successes of the previous period were presented, as well as goals and plans for future business expansion.

As part of the management meeting, a discussion was organized on the topic of challenges in business, proposals for solving them and possible improvements, which was marked by a short presentation by each participant. Transfera emphasizes the importance of holding such events for strengthening inter-team cooperation, acquiring new knowledge through examples of good practice and realizing new business ventures.