Transfera in Krusevac: A donation to the Home for children and youth “Jefimija”

Posted by: Stefan Sarac
Category: eng

In accordance with the corporate social responsibility, Transfera continues to help those who need it the most. In cooperation with the Trayal company from Krusevac, a significant donation was made to the Home for Children and Youth “Jefimija” located in Krusevac. The funds were donated in order to improve the carpentry and the institution’s security surveillance system.

This donation represents the beginning of the cooperation between the Children’s Home in Krusevac and the Transfera company, which has one of its most successful branches located in this very city. In addition, Transfera’s general manager Mr. Dusko Radovic, announced a new project which will, in cooperation with releveant institutions, employ young people leaving the social protection system after they finish their education.

“The project of this caliber doesn’t only benefit the children and youth of the Jefimija home, but it also benefits the city of Krusevac and all of its citizens as a whole”, said the director of the “ Jefimija” home, Jasmina Mijajlovic Ilic.