Transfera launches the first freight train from Kruševac

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Transfera, one of the largest logistics companies in the region, together with its partner company and member of the Austrian railway – Rail Cargo Austria, launched the first freight train from the new intermodal terminal in Kruševac. The first such service, created as a result of detailed analysis and preparation by the two companies, marks the beginning of the shipment of goods by rail from Kruševac to Western Europe and will bring numerous benefits to the Rasin district and the region of Southern Serbia.

The first freight train marks the beginning of a new era of “green” transport in the region and will provide additional value for exporters from the Republic of Serbia. Following the initiatives of the green agenda and the global environmental protection strategy, this large project will bring positive environmental effects, such as reduced carbon dioxide emissions and achieving energy efficiency. The full potential of this service is reflected in the following – just one such train with 30 wagons on the Kruševac – West Germany route would annually result in saving the amount of harmful carbon dioxide emissions that would be produced by one truck traveling approximately 70 times around the planet Earth.

Modern logistics challenges are mostly related to the green transition and solving the driver deficit in international road transport of goods. Guided by the idea of ​​a single solution for both problems, as well as the principles of service availability and price, we obtained a result that begins with operational work already this month. This is just the beginning of our innovations in the segment of intermodal transport, and we are extremely glad that our clients already recognize the value of our new service“, said Zoran Vranješ, director of the air, ship and rail transport sector of the Transfera company.