Transfera’s series of humanitarian actions continues with the fourth donation

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The Transfera company continued the series of humanitarian actions launched in honor of marking ten years of business and supported the School for Primary and Secondary Education with a home for students “Milan Petrović” from Novi Sad, which is dedicated to the continuous education and rehabilitation of children with developmental disabilities and people with disabilities. The fourth in a row in a series of humanitarian actions provided the necessary furniture for equipping the daycare center for people with physical disabilities, as well as interactive books and didactic material for work that help stimulate the development of fine motor skills.

We are proud to end the year marking the first decade of our company’s business in the spirit of great humanitarian actions, and by the end of December we are expecting several more similar projects that will contribute to our mission – to provide help to those who need it the most,“ said Milica Pekez, HR manager of Transfera.