Road Transport


International transport and logistics company “Transfera”, specialized in the automotive industry, has introduced a new “TS-Automotive” service to a large number of its clients.

New trends in the automotive industry dictate that stocks tend towards zero and that goods and raw materials are delivered just in time and right from the production line (Just In Sequence). This operational mode requires high-level logistics and efficient supply chain.

Due to increasingly complex customer requirements in the automotive industry, we have developed and implemented the “TS-Automotive” service, which includes:

Dedicated vehicles – fast vehicles in road transport and double crew of drivers for deliveries with very strict transit time. Vehicles are subject to strict monitoring and all critical points along the route are checked (customs terminals, border crossings, road works, traffic jams caused by accidents, etc.). Based on received information, adjustments in the transport routes are made and best solutions are chosen in order to enable delivery of goods within the required time.

Charter cargo flights – so-called “panic shipments” when the imperative is to deliver goods within the required time. Cargo planes used are not from regular lines; we arrange special charter flights. The planes come specifically at Belgrade Airport, take the goods and arrive to their destination in the shortest possible time. We organize the logistics directly to the end user,  providing “door to door” service.

Customs Clearance – simplified customs procedures and practices and in-house clearance of goods allow us to finish all customs formalities in the shortest time. In this way, we speed up the movement of goods with the aim of delivering shipments to our clients in the required transit time.    

Status report  –  Regular reporting on the status of all shipments. In addition to information on the current position of the shipment, customers receive information on the estimated time of arrival at “ETA” destination. For express deliveries,  reports are sent multiple times during the day, and by special request of the client every 2 hours within 24 hours.

We have formed a special “Automotive Team” within the company, which is available to clients 24/7. We are oriented towards clients and by joint cooperation we find the best “tailor-made” solutions, which are specifically tailored to the needs of our customers.

We set new standards on the very dynamic market of automotive industry; we find new solutions, and continuously improve our service with the aim of increasing our customers’ satisfaction.

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