Transfera supports the new film production “Živi i zdravi”

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Transfera supports the new film production Živi i zdravi

The company Transfera is a proud sponsor of the new domestic comedy “Živi i zdravi” (Alive and Healthy) directed by Ivan Marinović, a film which, even before its premiere on February 6, caused great reactions from viewers.

The cast, led by Tihana Lazović, Goran Slović, Goran Bogdan and Dragana Dabović, presented in this film the eternal conflict between modern and traditional in the best possible way. Through a series of unusual twists and turns, the film “Alive and Healthy”, which was created as a co-production of six countries (Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, North Macedonia, the Czech Republic and Slovenia), puts in the centre  of events a wedding whose course does not go according to plan.

“Since the beginning of our business, we have tried to support the development of culture and art in the community, and we are very pleased to be part of the project “Alive and Healthy”. This comedy is a great example of Serbian filmmaking and we believe that it will contribute not only to the local, but also to the global cultural scene”, said Marina Rebić, marketing manager of Transfera.

Until now, the company Transfera has supported many works of Serbian cinematography – ” Munje: Opet!”, “Leto kada sam naučila da letim” (“How I Learned to Fly“), “Nebeska tema – priča o Vladi Divljanu“ (“Celestial Theme – The Story of Vlada Divljan”), “Nebo nad Beogradom” (“Sky over Belgrade“).